Keep your people and your premises safe with fire protection from the experts

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Security Systems

Design Engineering and Shop drawings for Fire Protection system as per NBC / TAC / NFPA standards
Supply of ISI marked Fire Fighting equipment
Erection/Maintenance of Fire Fighting Pump set and Fire Pump Control Panel
Erection/Maintenance of Hydrant system, Hose reel drums and Sprinkler system (UL/FM approved)
Installation, Testing and Commissioning of (UL/FM/LPCA approved) Addressable Fire Alarm system including field devices
Gas suppression system
Customized Water Mist system
Wet chemical (Kitchenhood) Fire Suppression system
Public Address System
Supply and refilling of Portable Fire Extinguishers (ABC / CO2 / Mechanical Foam)
Fire License renewal assistance
AMC for Fire Protection system (Quarterly/Monthly basis)
Retrofitting the existing Fire Protection system
Fire drill and Safety training

On call 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for service & repair